Frinton Clock Tower - Photograph by Chris Davies (

Chairman's Message

During a recent four-hour Committee meeting, there was insufficient time to cover everything on the Agenda. However, plans were made for

- a meeting with Police to discuss how to overcome the rise in vandalism and anti-social behaviour in Frinton

- the Spring 2018 edition of the FRA newsletter, The Frinton Resident

- compiling a list of questions on the proposals for Fortnightly Rubbish Collections

- ascertaining whether pedestrian crossings were required in Walton Road as well as speed cameras

- writing to the ECC Chief Internal Auditor regarding the standard of work carried out by their sub-contractors, with regard to pavements, potholes and street lighting

- sponsoring the Christmas event to be held in Connaught Avenue on Friday, 8 December 2017, by providing the banners

The good news is that 22 trees are to be planted in the Frinton area in the near future, the defibrillator (purchased by the FRA) will be installed in Connaught Avenue shortly, and another resident had agreed to be co-opted onto the Committee. However, there are still two places available for new Committee members.

Anyone interested in joining us should email:

Unfortunately, a disappointing meeting was held with Town & District Councillors on Saturday, 16 December 2017. We learnt that the public conveniences in Old Way will be closed from 1 January 2018 because the Town and District Councils have not come to an agreement. It is unlikely that the area around the zigzag path on the seafront will be refurbished in the near future - at present, the only discussions taking place are whether or not tables and chairs should be placed on the area where the shelter was located previously. Frinton now has no Councillors representing us on the Tendring District Council Cabinet - we used to have two.

We thought that we may finally be making some progress with tidying up and returning The Spinney to its former glory, after a meeting of FRA and Town Council representatives with Essex Wildlife Trust who have been 'maintaining' The Spinney via arrangements with the Town Council. Essex Wildlife Trust agreed that the site could be improved with a different approach to its maintenance and hoped to be involved, alongside other voluntary bodies and the Town Council, in determining a way forward. Way back in 2015, the FRA had discovered that The Spinney was part of the Abellio lease area and we passed this information onto the Town Council at that time, but still the Town Council appears to be uncertain of its lease arrangements. Funding could be available for this improvement to the area outside Frinton Station, which at present provides an extremely poor introduction to our town for visitors arriving by train. It is especially disastrous as the condition of this site will have a negative impact on all the work carried out by Frinton in Bloom to ensure that Frinton meets Anglia in Bloom requirements in future. Therefore, a decision needs to be made as soon as possible.

A further disappointment is that the Town Council appear unwilling to help with the problems of too much street furniture in Connaught Avenue, where it is blocking the footpath, especially during the summer months. However, the FRA will continue to pursue this issue, along with the problems of dangerous pavements, potholes, street lighting, and other matters.

We are a voluntary organisation and we are certainly not an authority on many of the issues, but we can be part of a strong lobby to get things right in our community and to make sure the voices of the residents are heard.

The issues we deal with are generally the ones that our members have highlighted or are most concerned about, and we also have representatives on the committee of other organisations in the town which gives us a broad base of activities and a good balance.

We like to receive communications from Members and Friends of The Frinton Residents' Association as we welcome your views on current issues and concerns. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us by email if there is an issue which is troubling you.

At this festive time, I would like to wish all Frinton Residents the compliments of the season, and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Alan Eldret