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Chairman's Message

The attendance at our Half-Yearly Meeting held on Saturday, 20 October 2018, was tremendous. Approximately 140 people were there to ask questions and hear presentations from speakers on local Rail Services, Health Issues, the proposed improvements to The Spinney, and the achievements of Frinton in Bloom in 2018, as well as raising other issues. A full report on the meeting is available on the Events page. If any resident would like us to include specific topics on the Agendas of future public meetings, do please let us know. After all it is your Residents' Association, and we would like the matters discussed to be those that concern you.

Throughout the year, we have continued to attend Council meetings and have separate meetings with local Councillors, to try and progress local issues. This is often a very slow and frustrating process as these issues may have to be dealt with by the Town, District or County Council and they may not get the priority we would like, but we keep trying.

We have also been lobbying Essex County Council (ECC) and Tendring District Council (TDC) for over two years now on the issue of damage caused to our pavements, verges and highways by those carrying out new developments and other building work. We have suggested the wording of a condition to be added to all Planning Application approvals that would clearly show the responsibility of a builder to put right any damage they have caused. ECC have recently confirmed they will incorporate the principle and sentiment of our proposal into future Highway Works Agreements, but this will only cover developments where there is a responsibility for the developer to provide some form of new highway works.

We have still not persuaded them to enforce it for damage caused to existing footways, roads etc. However, we are still hopeful that TDC will add a condition to all new planning application approvals that would embrace our proposal to ensure that when work is complete, the onus is on those causing the damage to put it right. But progress is slow.

We have tried to get ECC to exercise some restrictions on large vehicles using Connaught Avenue. It is a continuing problem for us residents and the many visitors we get. You will remember that ECC asked us to carry out a survey on suggestions for improvement in 2016. However, it is only recently that a communication has been received making it clear that we are unlikely to get any change because Connaught Avenue is classified as a Priority 2 Route. Why weren't we told this before?

We have also been campaigning for some years for better control of street furniture and 'A' Boards in Connaught Avenue, so it was good to see in the local press in July, our MP taking up some of these issues. We support his action and hope this encourages TDC to implement the simple proposals we have suggested for our precious Town Centre. What we are asking for, is that TDC resurrect the licensing agreement for street furniture etc that they previously had for the District. We would like the Town Council to support us in this request. Surely not too much to ask for?

The above outlines some of the work of the Committee, and further information is provided on this website and in our newsletter, The Frinton Resident.

I would like to thank all the current Committee members for their ongoing efforts for the Town. They all willingly give up their time free of charge for the benefit of all residents.

In particular, I would like to give special mention and a "Thank You", to our Honorary Secretary, who will be resigning from the Committee at the end of December. She has borne a disproportionate amount of the Committee work, and has in addition, picked up the editorial role for both the Spring and Autumn 2018 issues of The Frinton Resident. She has not only co-ordinated and laid out the various articles, but also writes several and deals with our sponsors. She will be greatly missed, and we are hopeful that we will shortly be able to confirm that we have recruited some new Committee members.

We like to receive communications from Members and Friends of The Frinton Residents' Association as we welcome your views on current issues and concerns. Therefore, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if there is an issue which is troubling you, by emailing us.

At this special time of the year, I would like to wish all Frinton residents the compliments of the season, and a Happy and Prosperous 2019.

Alan Eldret