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Chairman's Message

I am delighted to be able to report that there was a record attendance of 147 people at the Annual General Meeting held on 21 April 2018. This included eight Councillors, Giles Watling MP and two Police Representatives. Therefore, there were many who could answer questions from residents that included the patchwork state of The Esplanade, sand movements on the beach, beach hut damage, the importance of regular password changes, problems at Caradoc Surgery, lack of improvements to the zigzag path area, the rail service (or lack of it), and the fact that ECC have never followed up with regard to the survey on Connaught Avenue carried out by the FRA in 2016.

The information provided by Councillor Nick Turner on the project to protect the Naze and the sewage works proved enlightening and Sgt Gerard explained how PCSOs helped the community. Several people took advantage of having private conversations with the police and other officials at the end of the meeting.

To read a full report on the Open Meeting held after the AGM, go to the Events page.

As a Committee, we will continue to follow up on all issues, and we will be writing to TDC regarding cleaning the pavements in Connaught Avenue. I am also pleased to report that we now have a small sub-committee working on the recording of problems with footpaths, potholes, roadways, street lighting, grass verges and overgrown vegetation. The records they produce will continue to be used in our representations to District and County Councillors, and TDC Officers, as we try to preserve the Frinton environment.

Our Health Representative has had a busy time as he is also Chairman of the Caradoc Patient Participation Group (PPG). He has been working closely with the surgery during their implementation of the new appointment booking system. It has had a lot of bad press, but some benefits are coming through and we hope the surgery can continue to get all the promised improvements implemented soon.

We lobbied strongly to keep the public toilets in Old Way open, but unfortunately these were closed on 1 January 2018. However, we are still striving to persuade the Town Council to take them over and re-open them as soon as possible. We found it difficult to understand why the Councils at TDC and our own Town could not find some formula to continue this service which the local residents want, but we will not give up.

The Defribrillator funded by the FRA has been installed in Connaught Avenue (on the end wall outside Paveys' Estate Agents) and some residents took advantage of the free training arranged by the FRA.

We are also working closely with the Town Council and other organisations to bring about improvements to the Spinney near the station. This is a particularly important site. It should provide visitors with a better first impression of the Town and assist the good work of Frinton in Bloom.

Our planning representatives continue to monitor all new planning applications and respond to members' queries. The Local Plan is also a big issue and its progress through the different stages of National Inspection is being closely monitored.

We continue to have regular meetings with local Councillors who represent us on Essex County Council, Tendring District Council, and Frinton & Walton Town Council, to try and resolve local issues.

I would like to give special mention and a "Thank You", to our Honorary Secretary, who already bears a disproportionate amount of the Committee work, but has in addition, picked up the editorial role for the Spring 2018 issue of The Frinton Resident. She has not only co-ordinated and laid out the various articles, but has also written several and has dealt with our sponsors.

In addition, I would like to especially mention Helen Balisson, who has had to resign from the Committee recently on health grounds. She has served on our Committee for some years, and has been a great strength as Assistant Secretary, liaising with the Frinton Businesses group, representing the FRA on youth issues and generally helping whenever needed. Thank you Helen, and we all wish you well.

The above outlines some of the work of the Committee, and further information is provided on this website.

Unfortunately, some Committee members have resigned during the year, and we are continually looking for new Committee members to join us and assist the team. We particularly need a Membership Secretary and a Newsletter Editor. If you can spare some time, and want to help, why not contact me on the email address given below.

We like to receive communications from Members and Friends of The Frinton Residents' Association as we welcome your views on current issues and concerns. Therefore, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if there is an issue which is troubling you by emailing

I wish you all a happy and healthy summer.

Alan Eldret