The Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust



was established in 1984 with the objective of consolidating and continuing the work of previous individual local historians, and bringing historical knowledge and information relating to the area before the public.  Over the years, considerable success has been achieved in developing two safe depositories for items and artefacts of local interest.  These are available for research and viewing in archives located at


Walton Maritime Museum

The Old Lifeboat House

near The Coastguard Station



where the life and times of maritime Walton is depicted


Crossing Cottage

Connaught Avenue



where the collection is orientated towards the town

and surrounding villages.


Both were acquired in 1984 and are open mainly during the summer months.


Specialised exhibitions are mounted regularly at the Walton Maritime Museum.  In 2008, an exhibition entitled “That’s Entertainment” was on display for three months, emphasising how the residents and the holidaymakers were entertained in Walton and Frinton in the heyday Victorian years and the early 1900s.


The facility at the Crossing Cottage is enhanced by the garden, which is a focal point for the visitor when crossing through “The Gates” and entering Frinton, possibly for the first time.  This area has played a prominent part in “Frinton in Bloom”, “Anglia in Bloom” and “Britain in Bloom” competitions.  Coffee get-togethers are held and regular working parties meet on Tuesday mornings in the garden.


In 1998 a huge restoration project  was taken on by the Heritage Trust.  James Stevens No 14, the world’s oldest surviving motor lifeboat and listed as one of 150 most important historical ships in the country, was located in the mud in Maldon being used as a houseboat.  It is now sited on the hard at Titchmarsh Marina and in late 2008 the restoration was nearing completion.  Given a fair wind, relaunch is planned for 2009.  From a financial point of view, this project would not have been possible without significant sponsorship from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the work of a team of enthusiastic volunteers.


In fact, the Trust’s success in all areas depends on a dedicated group of volunteers and an enthusiastic membership.  It is a registered charity and as such is dependant on its membership, the organisation of fund raising events, coffee mornings, an ongoing programme of evening talks (held at the Methodist Church Hall in Frinton) and organised outings to keep itself solvent and to raise money for the maintenance and expansion of the areas cited above.  This is the Trust’s contribution to furthering and securing the heritage and history of the local towns and villages for present and future generations


New members and visitors are always very welcome, and whether you wish to become a member or think you have something of interest to lodge with the archive, please contact one of those listed below.



Secretary – Mrs Linda Ellis  (Tel: 01255 852993)

Membership Secretary – Mrs Pat Wilkinson   (Tel: 01255 677946)

Archivist: Mrs Liz Bruce   (Tel: 01255 676960)