Frinton Residents' Association

NOTES of a Half-Yearly Meeting held in the McGrigor Hall on

15 October 2011 at 10:00 AM

Present: The President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and 7

other Committee members, 5 speakers, 5 other guests including Councillors, the Press, and a Police

Sergeant, together with 34 Association members and 11 non-members making a total of 67 attendees


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting, introduced the Association Officers and

explained that Committee members were available at the sides of the room should anyone want

to discuss issues with them after the meeting. She then reported that since the AGM, the

Committee had been involved in discussions and correspondence on various issues including

the proposals to close the Coastguard Station and Police Station at Walton, Government

proposals for the Health Service and new Planning Regulations, Connaught Avenue and Beach

Front Management.

She then explained a change to the Agenda in that the presentation on Frinton in Bloom would

take place at the end of the meeting.


Apologies had been received from Douglas Carswell MP, Councillors Terry Allen, Brian

Johnson, Jonathon Gatward and Giles Watling, Rachel Fryer (TDC Town Centre Co-ordinator),

Dr Gary Sweeney and Jane Harvey (previously Director of Finance NE Essex PCT), together

with members Doreen & Roy Philpot, Ivan & Patsy Jacklin, Mr & Mrs Gilks, Mr & Mrs Andrews,

Dr & Mrs Davies, Gail Evans and Gwen Burrows.


The Chairman explained that TTC had achieved Academy status and a very successful

OFSTED inspection had recently taken place. She then introduced Caroline Haynes (Principal

of TTC) and Robert Allen (Vice Principal of TTC) who would be speaking about the College’s

recent achievements and future plans.

Caroline Haynes (CH) explained that the school currently had 1950 students on two campuses,

with 11-14 year olds at Thorpe-Le-Soken and 14-19 year olds at Frinton. She said that it was an

interesting school to work in and quite unique with the largest distance between sites of any

other school and catering as it does, for all types of child. It is a comprehensive school and

doesn’t just have children who have passed their 11+, but also those who have failed their 11+

and those who cannot read or write; this is a real concern because there are acute special

needs, plus over 30 children in the care of the Local Authority currently attend TTC. She then

reiterated that TTC serves the needs of every type of youngster.

She said that hers was a brilliant job because of the environment that they tried to engender and

added that she loved to walk around the College as the response she got from the students was

fantastic. She explained that in the past the Head Teacher had a different role (mentioning that

incidentally she preferred the title Head Teacher to Principa), and how she spent time looking at

the quality of teaching. She pointed out that they employed 380 people (including casual staff),

and there was constant turnover of employees. The budget was not known at present because

they were going through the transition to Academy, but it was nerve racking because it would be

in excess of £9million.

CH reported that the aim of TTC was to make sure that their children were able to learn, and

therefore, a lot of time was spent on the appropriate curriculum, designing it to ensure we do the

very best for those young people. She said that they never amalgamated subjects and had a

great passion for specialism in subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology. Also, good

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