pointed out that there were also areas of dereliction in Connaught Avenue (around empty shops)

for which no shopkeepers could be responsible. Then he added that there would be snow – if a

shopkeeper did something about the pavement in this situation, who would be responsible


PM stated that the main aim of her letter had been to publicise the Chamber policy because only

a small number of shopkeepers in Connaught Avenue were members of the Chamber. As we

were not in the situation of having roads cleaned, it was up to everyone to keep up standards.

The letter was not intended to take responsibility away from anybody, but the ethos was

everyone working together.

NT confirmed that there would be a final meeting of the Working Party for the Regeneration of

Connaught Avenue and that would be where these points would be picked up. He suggested

everyone wait and see what County could do. With regard to empty properties, he proposed

asking Officers to do something about the areas around them, possibly pressure washing the

area outside Kings' old premises. He said that he would do his best and ensure that he obtained

the views of the Residents’ Association on how they would like to see Connaught Avenue.

Finally, PM explained that the FRA had received a request from Channel 4 who were making a

programme on the problems of hoarding and anyone who was interested in appearing should

contact the Secretary after the meeting. The FRA wanted to thank Dr Steven Porter for kindly

supplying the Committee with advice on documentation regarding proposed changes to local

health provision, but a Health Representative was still required to attend meetings on behalf of

the FRA. Anyone interested could contact her after the meeting. She then reminded those

present that FRA 2012 Calendars were for sale at the back of the room, and membership forms

were also available for those who wished to become members of the FRA.


It was confirmed that the next FRA public meeting would be the AGM to be held on 21 April 2012,

and all those present were thanked for attending the 2011 Half-Yearly Meeting.

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