Frinton Residents' Association

NOTES of a Half-Yearly Meeting held in the McGrigor Hall on

20 November 2010 at 10:00 AM

Present: The President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary and seven other Committee

members, 6 speakers, 12 guests including Councillors, a Labour and a Liberal Democrat

Representative, Competition Winners, the Press, a Police Sergeant, together with 59 Association

members and 12 non-members.


The Chairman (PM) thanked everyone for attending the meeting, welcomed all the guests and speakers,

particularly the DONG representatives. She introduced the Committee members and thanked

them for the unpaid hours they gave to work together for the good of Frinton.


Apologies had been received from Douglas Carswell MP, Cllr Denzil Watson and Mrs Wendy

Watson, Cllr Giles Watling, FRA members Ms Virginia Richardson, Mrs G E Rouse, Mr & Mrs P

J Barry, Ms Anita Walling, and FRA Committee members Chris Perry and Geoff Harris.


PM introduced the item by pointing out that the competition for creative people in Frinton had

brought about a coup by getting people under 25 to attend an FRA meeting and said that there

had been incredible entries. She added that the entry by Eloise Raven had appeared on the

cover of the Autumn 2010 Newsletter and the entry from the second competition winner, Billy

Surridge, would appear on the cover of the Spring 2011 issue. She then presented Eloise

Raven and Billy Surridge with their prizes of cheques of £100 each for their creative work. In

conclusion, she explained that the FRA were keen to attract more younger members to events

so that they became members of the Association.


PM warmly welcomed David Foster (DF) whose energetic, creative, hard-working team were

responsible for bringing prize-winning situations to Frinton via Frinton in Bloom.

DF stated that Frinton in Bloom founded in 1994, had now been in existence for 16 years. It was

set up initially to complement the work done by the Town and District Council throughout the

year. Originally part of Frinton Environmental Action Committee (FEAC ) which was primarily

formed to reinstate the Clock Tower, Frinton in Bloom had continued, together with Pedlars

Wood Nature Reserve and Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust.

The Town, District and County Councils, plus other organisations including the FRA, now work

together on projects and events which are exciting, certainly not common place, and involve

younger people as well. He explained that he had brought along pictures and a portfolio showing

a cross section of the work done, and these were available on the table at the front of the room.

He explained that Anglia in Bloom was one of the regions judged by the Royal Horticultural

Society and that year on year Frinton in Bloom had achieved success. This year they had

gained the Gold Medal for Best Small Town in the Anglian Region and this proved that the work

they had been done had been recognised. However, he stressed that it was all about working

for a Better Britain and helping people take the initiative.

He added that this year Frinton had succeeded in obtaining its first Green Flag in the area for

Crescent Gardens, proving it to be one of the prestigious gardens in the region, and this has

been added to the successes achieved in July 2010. Judges’ votes had also confirmed that

Frinton in Bloom had a strong commitment to environmental issues. However, these

achievements had to be worked for each year.

He pointed out that the Walings Rock Garden was going to be brought into the 21st Century.

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