Frinton Residents' Association

NOTES of a Half-Yearly Meeting held in the McGrigor Hall on

20 October 2012 at 10:00 AM

Present: The President, Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and 7 other Committee

members, 3 speakers, 3 other guests including Councillors and a Police Sergeant, together with 34

Association members and 4 Friends making a total of 56 attendees who signed in


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting, introduced the Committee members and

thanked them for all the hard work they do, stressing that they all give up their time free of



Apologies had been received from Douglas Carswell MP, Councillors Mick Page, David Lines,

Mark Platt, Giles & Vanda Watling, Committee members Caroline Blackler, Peter Leaman and

his wife Elizabeth, and FRA members Dr Steven Porter and Anita Walling.


The Chairman introduced Dr Gary Sweeney (DrGS), Chairman of the Clinical Commissioning

Group for North East Essex, who was providing a presentation entitled 'Shared Challenges in

the new NHS'.

DrGS thanked the FRA for the invitation to speak at today’s meeting, explained that he had been

a GP in Clacton for 25 years during which time there had been lots of changes and that he had

been involved in NHS management issues for approximately 20 years.

Today he was going to explain the new format of the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning

Group. The last time he had spoken to the FRA (eighteen months ago) the Act was still a Bill,

but now progress had been made. He pointed out that although the Conservative Government

had stated no top down re-organisation of the NHS, the biggest re-organisation since 1948 has

taken place. However, he believed they were on the right track and as he worked his way

through 12 slides, he explained the reasons why.

3.1. DrGS provided an introduction to the presentation, which would include roles and

responsibilities of the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) (Who they were),

their priorities for Health and Wellbeing, how the new NHS arrangements fitted together, and

how we can all work together to make things better.

3.2. Health Care Commissioning

DrGS explained that health care commissioning involved buying-in the services required:

producing a specification, finding providers, selecting and entering into a contract, and then

monitoring the contract, ie we carry out assessments of health needs, see what we have got,

find the gap, draw up a specification, go out into the NHS market procurement arena, select a

provider, monitor performance indicators and if we do not get the quality required, we go back to

the supplier and impose penalties. This is known as the Commissioning Cycle.

3.3. North East Essex CCG

He stated that the objectives of North East Essex CCG were to make the right choices and they

needed to get the users of the services involved in order to do so, adding that they were

fortunate in that they already had good clinical practice in the care group. Fourteen clinicians (all

from local GP Practices) had been elected. From April 2012 the CCG had been formally

delegated authority from the PCT Board to undertake this work until the PCT disappeared in April

2013. The team being led by clinicians includes GPs, nurses, lay members, representatives

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