The Frinton Residents’ Association






The membership team currently comprises of five Committee members who meet whenever necessary to discuss membership issues such as: membership requirements, fees, the membership application form, new initiatives on how to ensure members are kept fully aware of developments and how to increase the number of members of the Association.  The recommendations of the membership team are then passed on to the full Committee for further consideration and agreement on action to be taken, if necessary.


If any resident would like to join the Committee, there are vacancies.  We are continually looking for people with specific skills/knowledge of local issues which would assist in ensuring the Association undertakes its role successfully.




The Frinton Residents’ Association (FRA) reviews each planning application that is made to Tendring District Council, which affects our local area. We make a judgement on whether we think such applications will have a detrimental effect on our environment, and try to understand if an application is in line with the adopted local plan and general planning guidelines. We will raise an objection if we feel an application is not appropriate and this local view will sometimes carry weight when the final decision is made.

A committee member attends each Town Council meeting in order to understand the full Town Council’s view on planning applications, and regular meetings with Town, District and County Councillors are a platform for us to discuss planning matters and take up any specific issues.

We keep a watching brief on some developments after initial approval to ensure we are up to date with any significant changes.

Currently, the FRA criteria for raising objections includes:

* Demolition of houses on large plots to build flats, apartments, or commercial premises.
* Instances of 'garden grabbing'.
* Over-development of a site, whether currently unoccupied, or involving demolition of premises, or squeezing another property onto a small site.
* New premises not proportionate to the size of the plot.
* Change of use from residential to retail/commercial.
* Extensions that may be too large for the plot, or would clearly have an adverse effect on neighbouring properties.
* A development that results in a dwelling having inadequate parking arrangements on- site for the resultant size of the property.
* A development that has inadequate or inappropriate access arrangements.
* Any developments contrary to the visual appearance and character of Frinton.
* A development, particularly of apartments, that does not have adequate amenity space.

NB A stronger criteria may be deemed necessary in relation to developments in the Frinton Conservation areas and areas deemed to be of Special Character.


Please contact us if you feel you would like to make a contribution to discussions on specific planning applications, or submit a request to join the Planning Team. 




The Newsletter is published twice a year; once in the Spring and once in the Autumn, and distributed approximately two weeks’ before the Association holds its regular public meetings, ie an Annual General Meeting in April and a Half-Yearly Meeting in October.  The costs of this publication are covered via sponsorship from local businesses without whose support it would not be possible to produce.


This support also enables the Association to include articles supplied by other local organisations and charities free of charge, in addition to information on Association matters and items of individual interest.


If anyone wishes to include an article in our Newsletter, they should contact the Newsletter Editor who will explain what space is available.