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Frinton Residents' Association - Current Issues

The Committee works with local Councillors representing Frinton & Walton Town Council, Tendring District Council and Essex County Council, together with other groups to help address the following local matters which are of concern to residents.

Some of the serious issues which we have been currently working on are:

Proposal for Fortnightly Bin Collections

We are lucky in Tendring that we still have weekly collections when many other areas in the country do not. The FRA realise that a lot of people will object to the imposition of fortnightly collections, and we are looking into the matter in order to find out exactly what is being proposed so that we can comment on the suggested arrangements at an early stage. Councillor Michael Talbot, TDC Portfolio Holder for Environment, addressed the FRA public meeting on 21 October 2017 and a full report on what he said is available in the Report on that meeting. We also published the answers to further questions raised by residents, in the Spring 2018 edition of The Frinton Resident.

Closure of Public Toilets

Whilst the FRA appreciates that TDC has to save money, we have pointed out that the number of public toilets in our town by the sea cannot be compared with cities like Manchester. Our summer visitors tend to stay all day, and we don't have big department stores with facilities in our shopping street. In fact, not all the cafes provide toilet facilities for customers. Apparently, according to food licensing requirements, cafes with over 14 seats are required to provide toilets for customers, which could be shared with staff.

Unfortunately, the public conveniences in Old Way were closed on 1 January 2018 but now the Town Council has reached an agreement with the District Council, and the Town Council will be taking over the running of this vital facility. However, it is not yet known when they will be re-opened.

Improvements to the area of the seafront around the zigzag path

TDC provided a presentation after the FRA AGM on 8 April 2017 and a report is available on our Events page. The ideas put forward were also reported in the FRA Autumn 2017 newsletter, "The Frinton Resident", to which Councillor Nick Turner added a rider stating: "Funding is currently being investigated and then we will be able to submit some concrete proposals". The FRA will continue to have input to try and ensure that the improvements comply with the views of the majority of residents.

However, it is now unlikely that the area around the zigzag path on the seafront will be refurbished in the near future - at present, the only discussions taking place are whether or not tables and chairs should be placed on the area where the shelter was located previously. Frinton now has no Councillors representing us on the Tendring District Council Cabinet - we used to have two, one of whom was Councilor Nick Turner.

Plans for Developments in Halstead Road

Although these developments are not within our remit as 'Frinton' Residents' Association, we are concerned about problems with traffic flow if the plans currently agreed are adopted. Final Planning Permission has now been granted for Phase One of this development - the building of 49 new homes will start shortly. The FRA are keeping an eye on the situation and have been objecting to the proposal for traffic lights at the junction of Halstead Road with the B1033 (where there are currently two small roundabouts).

Proposal to close Clacton Minor Injuries Unit

Thank goodness that objections made by local people and organisations such as the FRA, resulted in this much-needed facility staying open as it has now been granted a new lease of life.

With the recent Government announcement that £87 million has been allocated to modernise health and care services in Suffolk and North East Essex, the Tendring area will benefit from improvements to the services offered at Clacton, including an integrated Outpatient Facility, Minor Injuries and Diagnostics Unit following the demolition of vacant wards. Infrastructure issues will also be addressed at the Tower Road site.

The Tendring Local Plan

It cannot be emphasised enough how important this is to our District. The title somewhat underplays its importance. It is the Local Plan that guides our Officers, Councillors, the Developer and the Public on where and how development can take place. It includes many policies to be adhered to on such issues as agreed development boundaries, conservation areas, green gaps between settlements, acceptable practices, policies on Town Centres and sites for commercial development as well as much more.

The Tendring District Local Plan preparation has been a major task for Tendring District Council (TDC), which has taken many man-years of effort to review, and has needed the input of several external Consultants and Bodies to provide specialist reports.

The revised Local Plan has been with the National Inspector for some months now and it is expected that the District should get some indication of its acceptability in the near future. This is important as our 2007 Local Plan is carrying less weight when new developments are being considered.

Local Plans must be consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The NPPF is presently being reviewed and a consultation document has now been published, with the final version expected to be issued later this year. As our Local Plan has been submitted already, its ratification will be considered against the existing NPPF and there will then be a period of approximately five years before TDC have to incorporate the new NPPF regulations.

It has been a long process to get to this stage, and thanks are due to all those who worked hard to ensure that Tendring has a Local Plan to meet Government requirements, as well as the needs of local people.

Full information is available on the Tendring District Council website.

The Dangerous State of Local Pavements and Roads*

As the result of the FRA reporting dangerous areas of paving and large potholes on several occasions, pressure by ourselves and others, ECC have now undertaken work on some of the areas reported. Whilst this is encouraging, it has taken a great deal of time and effort to get to this point, and there is still more work to be done. Any residents who wish to report dangerous pavements and potholes can do so by clicking on this link to the Essex County Council Fault Reporting website. Alternatively, telephone 0345 6037631.

New tarmac has been laid on footpaths in Connaught Avenue and on The Esplanade. Both now have a patchwork of different finishes, and after only two months, there was an 'eruption' in the tarmac outside Crescent Gardens and the area of tarmac where the lamppost was replaced is already sinking. The FRA are querying if this is sub-standard work.

Our potholed roads have been causing damage to vehicles, and the FRA were appalled to learn that ECC were giving more priority to preventative work rather than dealing with problems. Delays to repairs to potholes at road junctions, such as that at the junction of Oxford Road and The Esplanade could result in accidents.

New tarmac has been laid on footpaths in Connaught Avenue and on The Esplanade. Both now have a patchwork of different finishes, and after only two months, there was an 'eruption' in the tarmac outside Crescent Gardens and the area of tarmac where the lamppost was replaced is already sinking. The FRA are querying if this is sub-standard work.

Our potholed roads have been causing damage to vehicles, and the FRA were appalled to learn that ECC were giving more priority to preventative work rather than dealing with problems. Delays to repairs to potholes at road junctions could result in accidents. However, the FRA are pleased to report that after an FRA Committee member carried out a survey of potholes on The Esplanade and submitted this to ECC, some repairs have been made recently.

Street Lighting*

We are currently discussing with ECC, residents' requirements for suitable lighting at night in Frinton, including retaining the 'coronet' style of lamps which are unique to the town of Frinton-on-Sea. Agreement has been reached on keeping the 'coronet-style' in the Conservation Area, but a more modern style of lamp is replacing those elsewhere. However, we are continuing to fight for consistency of street lighting within the seaward side of the level crossing. In the meantime, we would like to ask residents to report to ECC and to us, not only lamps that are not working, but also those within the Conservation Area that are not coronet-style.

Lampposts are being changed from concrete to metal (we know not why?), and holes and unsightly stumps are being left. Again, the FRA have complained to ECC. Some action has been taken, but we still have lamps not working and lampposts that are swaying in the wind.

The FRA's aim is to discover who decides what repairs are made, what are the expected standards, and who inspects to ensure that sub-contractors are meeting requirements.


So many of our trees are disappearing in parks and avenues for various reasons. We would like to see them replaced, and are asking all those concerned (Town, District and County Councils) to take immediate action to replace them. We were pleased to see that some trees were replaced in Spring 2017, but we had to express concern during that summer when these trees were in danger of dying because they were not being watered, especially those replaced in the shopping area of Connaught Avenue.

An FRA Committee Member has carried out a survey of dead/missing trees covering all roads on both sides of the railway line in Frinton, and a report on over 61 occurrences has been passed on to TDC. This has resulted in some success as 22 new trees are to be planted in the Frinton area in Spring 2018.

Improvements to the shopping area of Connaught Avenue

On the suggestion of an ECC Officer, the FRA carried out a survey of over 10,000 residents in August 2016. A lot of time and effort was involved, including the collation of the results which were passed on to ECC in November 2016. Since that time, FRA representatives have been trying to obtain feedback from ECC, but we have not been allowed even to see the comments made by ECC even though we know they are available. Neither has any action resulted from the information we obtained, as far as we are aware.

For your interest, the Connaught Avenue Consultation Results are available on this website.

The FRA would particularly like to see lorries and delivery vehicles over a certain width banned from Connaught Avenue between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Saturday. There are service roads behind the shops that could be used, but currently remain empty for a great deal of the day. This issue is also being discussed with Essex County Council, together with improving the parking regulations.

*Special Note: Now that we have a new local ECC Councillor, Mark Platt, and we also now have new Councillors/Portfolio Holders for Highways based in Chelmsford, we are hopeful that future approaches will be successful regarding this issue and those marked with an * above. We have already discussed these issues with Councillor Mark Platt. He has taken on board our concerns and promised to look into all these matters.

The State of Connaught Avenue

Clutter, pigeon droppings and dirty pavements are regularly reported to the TDC Town Centre Co-ordinator who speaks to business owners in an effort to encourage them to keep the areas outside their premises, clean and tidy.

Tables and Chairs on the pavement in Connaught Avenue

Despite objections raised by the FRA and others, planning permission was granted for Gregg's to place tables and chairs outside their shop with a barrier around them, which would take up 2 metres of the width of the pavement. This was contrary to ECC and TDC guidelines stating that only 1 metre from the front of stores should be used for 'A' Boards, etc. Although Gregg's now no longer put out the barriers, other establishments are doing so, and more and more clutter is appearing outside shops. This means that pedestrians, particularly those with impaired eyesight, are experiencing problems where pavements are narrower than they should be. On our suggestion, Tendring District Council are now considering the re-introduction of licensing for street furniture, etc, in order to control the amount of space used and what can be placed on the public highway.

Horses being ridden on the grass on The Greensward and using public footpaths to reach the beach

As a result of the efforts of the FRA, the byelaw stating that horses are not to be ridden on The Greensward has been added to the sign at the bottom of Connaught Avenue, and it will now be possible for members of the public to refer horse riders to this notice. Horses are allowed to be ridden on the beach, but we have asked for information to be placed on horse riders' websites asking that they use the path (which is also suitable for motor vehicles) at the bottom of Third Avenue to get directly to the ramp that leads down onto the sand, and that they avoid riding horses on the beach at busy times.

The FRA have produced a card which our Committee members hand out to those parking horse boxes on The Esplanade, asking for their assistance to help ensure that neither horses, their riders, nor pedestrians are at risk. This refers to the byelaw, and additionally states, "Please do not use the public footpaths to reach the beach as these are often narrow, steep, winding, and dangerous not only for horses and their riders, but also for those pedestrians who meet horses coming down these paths, or are walking on the Promenade. There is an adequate roadway down to the beach, opposite the bottom of Third Avenue, which ends in close proximity to a ramp leading directly onto the sand."

Damage to Grass Verges

Again, information is being passed on to TDC of occurrences where grass verges have been damaged either by developers' vehicles, street lamps being removed, or by cars parking on the grass.

Lack of Enforcement with regard to non-adherence to terms of planning permissions

We are hopeful that now that TDC has a new Enforcement Officer, when builders do not construct properties in accordance with the terms of the agreed planning permissions that this will come to light early on and the developer will be forced to comply. This was pointed out with regard to the development in Wittonwood Road and we understand that the developer has agreed to fix some of the issues. Fortunately, the road surface was repaired in Autumn 2017, but the question remains "Did the developer contribute to the cost of the repair?".

The FRA have suggested a clause that is being considered for adoption by both ECC and TDC, to ensure that developers take responsibility for reinstating areas such as pavements, grass verges, etc, to their previous condition, and hopefully this will be included in all future planning application permissions.

Information on on-going issues which we are constantly addressing can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link in the Contents List below.


For more information, click on the appropriate underlined subject below.

1. The Beach, Promenade and Esplanade

Public Toilets
Cold showers
Floating Rafts
Resurfacing of promenade
Parking on the Esplanade
Dog Control
Vehicular Access
Shoreline Management

2. The Railway Station and Level Crossing

Station Maintenance, Security and Operation
Level Crossing

3. Connaught Avenue

Regeneration Project
Bye-laws on pavement selling and delivery vehicles
Ratio of Shops to Office Premises

4. Traffic

Speed limit
Parking Restrictions
Traffic Lights


5. Environment

Roads, Pavements, Footpaths and Cycle Paths
Mowing of verges
Flower bed maintenance
Health of trees
Waste & Recycling Collections
Garden waste collection

6. General

Crime & Public Safety
Youth Issues
Planning Applications
Health Issues
Bus Routes
Gravestones in Kirby Cemetery
Frinton & Walton Swimming Pool
High Speed Broadband
Local Listings of Houses of Architectural Importance
Frinton Ward to become a Conservation Area

If you would like to email your comments, or any information regarding the issues listed, please click on the underlined heading of the appropriate subject below. Alternatively, to let us have any general comments, please click here.

On-going Issues

1. The Beach, Promenade and Esplanade

a. Public Toilets
As a result of the efforts of Councillors and Residents, we do have a new toilet block on the Esplanade at the junction with Connaught Avenue. This state of the art facility replaced the previous 70-year-old building. Frinton-on-Sea's new public convenience was given a five-star rating by the British Toilet Association, and a lot of compliments on this facility have been received. The building was designed to be environmentally and user friendly, and provides easy access for the disabled as well as baby-changing facilities.

b. Cold showers
The installation of cold showers by existing water tap points has been the subject of on-going discussion for some time, but now serious consideration is taking place and it is hoped these showers will be installed shortly. However, showers were installed in 2012, at the rear of the thatched toilet block at the Golf Club end of the Greensward.

c. Floating Rafts
The Association of Frinton Beach Hut Owners have paid for several rafts to be located off the beach at Frinton-on-Sea, together with covering the cost of maintenance and insurance. The first were installed in 2012, and more have been added in subsequent years. These are all removed at the end of each season and put back in position in the Spring of the following year.

d. Resurfacing of promenade
The Promenade between the bottom of Connaught Avenue and Queens Road was resurfaced in 2012. Other areas to be resurfaced are constantly under review as it is only natural that over time deterioration will take place.

NB The Association of Frinton Beach Hut Owners (AFBHO) liaise with the FRA on items a, b, c and d above and also look into issues relating to the security and vandalism of beach huts.

e. Bye-laws
Display and enforcement of bye-laws needs to be monitored. Details of those in force in Frinton-on-Sea can be found on the Tendring District Council website, and the Notice Board positioned on The Greensward at the bottom of Connaught Avenue provides details of the bye-laws for the seafront.

f. Parking on the Esplanade
The current herring-bone layout appears to work well but there is continuing discussion on whether fees should be charged for parking. See the FAQs page for further information. In addition, consultation has taken place with Officers from Tendring District Council, Essex County Council, the North Essex Parking Partnership and the Local Police on the problems of summer visitors parking close to corners of roads leading onto The Esplanade, and in other illegal locations, together with the increasing number of coaches parking on The Esplanade. It has been agreed that greater action with regard to enforcement of the laws relating to parking will be taken in future, and residents can contact traffic wardens on 07949 101198, or the local police in order to report obstructions and dangerous parking situations. Section 4b below also refers to parking.

g. Graffiti
There have been a number of incidences of graffiti on the sea wall and on a large number of beach huts. The Residents' Association has been in discussion with the Association of Frinton Beach Hut Owners and Tendring District Council with regard to its speedy removal, and we can report that action is always taken as quickly as possible.

h. Dog Control
Initially, dog fouling was just seen to be a problem on The Esplanade during the summer months, but now there are increasing occurrences during the winter and in other parts of the Town. To help alleviate the problem in a specific area, the Association financed the purchase and installation of one additional Dog Litterbin initially, which has been positioned at the junction of Church Walk and Old Road.

To curtail the actions of what is possibly only a few irresponsible dog owners, residents are asked to report any incidents they witness to the Dog Warden on 01255 686766 as dog fouling can be a serious health hazard, especially if it is not cleaned up immediately.

We are also concerned about the number of incidents of dogs not being on leads (bearing in mind the increasing number of incidents of young children being attacked by dogs) and being on areas of the beach where there are restrictions. After discussions with Tendring District Council, new, clearer signage was installed on the Promenade indicating "Dog Free" beaches in 2014.

i. Cycling
There are certain parts of The Promenade designated "No Cycling" Areas and as a result of discussions with TDC, new signs were installed in 2013/14, and TDC have agreed that steps will be taken to enforce these bye laws whenever possible.

j. Vehicular Access
It has been agreed with TDC that the gates allowing vehicular access to The Promenade will be kept locked at all times, and beach hut owners will only be able to obtain keys to unlock them in order to carry out maintenance work during the hours when it is specifically stated that they can do so, in order to stop the Promenade being used as a shortcut to Walton-on-the-Naze. It was also pointed out to Tendring District Council Officers how important it was that the signs showed the actual times when there was a possibility that the gates would be unlocked so that parents were aware of when cars could be in the vicinity and take steps to protect their children.

k. Shoreline Management
At the FRA Half-Yearly Meeting held on 20 November 2010, Councillor Nick Turner reported that although The Shoreline Management Plan prepared by the Environmental Agency originally stated that by 2055 Frinton Golf Club would be flooded by the sea via Holland Haven, this decision was reversed after a meeting was held at the Golf Club, attended by TDC representatives and the Environment Agency. It has now been agreed that this stretch of the shoreline will be held until 2110.

2. The Railway Station and Level Crossing

a. Station Maintenance, Security and Operation
This is the responsibility of the new franchisee, Abellio, and Network Rail.

b. Level Crossing
The famous 'Frinton Gates' were replaced with a barrier system on 18 April 2009 despite a campaign to retain the Gates mounted by the Frinton Gates Preservation Society (FGPS) during the previous three years. This campaign was supported by The Frinton Residents' Association, District and Town Councillors. Further information on the famous "Gates" is available in a report which covers their history as well as why we believed they should have remained where they were. David Foster is now keeping a record of incidents occurring at the Level Crossing and these can be reported direct to him by email, or to the Frinton Residents' Association.

Now the famous "Gates" have been brought back to Frinton by the Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust, and can be seen to one side of the car park outside Frinton Railway Station.

3. Connaught Avenue

a. Shops
As is the case in many other small towns in this country, shopkeepers in Frinton-on-Sea are experiencing difficulties and many small shops have closed recently. The Frinton Residents' Association feels very strongly that efforts should be made to retain our local shops and, therefore, are asking everyone to shop locally whenever possible. We also now have a new Frinton Businesses Group who are trying to encourage visitors by organising street parties, etc. The one to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday was a great success.

b. Regeneration Project
This was an Essex County Council initiative which again was supported by The Frinton Residents' Association. After public consultation, the first phase of the project was completed in May 2010; this included improvements to underground services where work was undertaken by National Grid, and the replacement of trees. The second phase began at the end of January 2011 and was completed at the end of June 2011. The official Opening Ceremony which included unveiling a stone at the end of Harold Grove, took place on 4 July 2011. This phase included new paving, more effective street lighting, installation of traffic throats to slow traffic and assist pedestrians when crossing the road, new rubbish bins, etc. The final task was the re-surfacing of the road in the shopping area and an additional area at the end of Fourth Avenue (not part of the original project) has now also been achieved.

There are now signs at both ends of the shopping area of Connaught Avenue directing coaches and heavy goods vehicles to use Queens Road to reach the seafront and Old Road to proceed in the other direction.

The aim of the Re-generation Project was to revitalise this shopping street, and although there was some disruption while the works were carried out, the Association believes that the final result has justified the inconvenience involved.

c. Bye-laws on pavement selling and delivery vehicles
Again, enforcement of bye-laws needs to be monitored. Details of those in force in Frinton-on-Sea can be found on the Tendring District Council website.

d. Ratio of Shops and Office Premises
The ratio of A1 (Retail) to A2 (Office) premises in what is essentially a shopping street is reviewed by the FRA Planning Team whenever planning applications are submitted which relate to this area.

4. Traffic

a. Speed limit
Discussions regarding a speed limit of 20 mph throughout the town are on-going, and there is a proposal to enforce a 20mph limit in Connaught Avenue.

b. Parking Restrictions
For further information on Parking Restrictions, go to our FAQs page. There is currently a proposal that county-wide parking regulations will be enforced throughout all towns in Essex which could mean that Frinton-on-Sea would lose the advantage of the free parking on The Esplanade and in Connaught Avenue. Any revenue from charging for parking will not even go to Essex County Council as this service has been outsourced to N Essex Parking Partnership who will be the only ones to benefit from any profits; neither Local Councils nor local council tax-payers will benefit if charging for parking is introduced in Frinton.

c. Traffic Lights
ECC have now decided against the proposal for Traffic Lights to be positioned near the railway bridge at Kirby Cross as a result of objections raised by The Frinton Residents' Association, together with other local residents' associations and the Town Council as this would have resulted in traffic jams at the roundabout at the junction of Frinton Road and the road leading to Great Holland. However, with the proposals for more homes to be built in Halstead Road, there is a suggestion that traffic lights be installed at that junction where there is currently a mini-roundabout. The FRA believes this will cause chaos with traffic building up in all directions from the roundabouts, especially when taking into account the increased number of traffic movements resulting from all the planned housing developments in the area.

5. Environment

a. Roads, Pavements, Footpaths and Cycle Paths
An updated report is supplied above, but to report potholes larger than 20 cms wide and 5 cm deep, and paving slabs that are rocking, or more than 15 cms out of alignment, go to the Essex County Council Fault Reporting website. Alternatively, telephone 0345 6037631.

b. Skips
Skips parked on grass verges or unlit on the streets should also be reported to Essex County Council.

c. Mowing of verges

d. Flower bed maintenance

e. Health of trees

NB The Frinton in Bloom Group monitor items c, d and e above as well carrying out planting in public places.

f. Waste & Recycling Collections
Luckily, we understand that despite budget cuts, our weekly waste collections will continue for the time being. New recycling arrangements have recently been introduced, and although fewer plastic items are now being collected, it has been stated that with only plastic bottles, tins/cans, cardboard and paper, together with food waste collections, the Council are hoping the new service will cost £450,000 pa less than the previous scheme. Recently, to further save on costs, TDC have stopped providing black bin liners, and residents now have to obtain these as no wheelie bins for general waste are provided as is the case in other parts of the country.

The FRA is also involved in consultation on future Waste Development proposals as although commercial and industrial space is stable, space for domestic waste is running out.

g. Garden waste collection
A weekly garden waste collection is now available at a cost of £75 for the first year, and £50 pa thereafter. To obtain a bin please telephone Tendring District Council on 01255 686788, or go to the Tendring District Council website.

6. General

a. Crime & Public Safety
Anti social behaviour can be reported on 01255 686359. Incidents can still be reported to PCSOs who patrol constantly, but this has to be done by telephoning your local Town Councillor, or by ringing 101. However, 999 should always be used to report a serious crime.

b. Youth Issues
Discussion on these issues take place regularly during meetings with Town, District and County Councillors. The Association do also liaise with the Police on Youth Issues.

A new Youth Centre officially opened in Walton in 2012 and this will be available for use by young people from Frinton and Walton.

Recently, the Association sent out a questionnaire to all Frinton residents asking for their views on the need for more play equipment in Frinton. Unfortunately, the response was very poor, but it did indicate equal views for and against installing more equipment in the area. Since then, the Frinton & Walton Town Council submitted a proposal for a Multi-Use Games Area to be situated on the Greensward. The Association objected to this proposal and the plans have now been rejected by Tendring District Council. However, a play area is now proposed to be installed in Wittonwood Road as part of the new housing development.

c. Planning Applications
Applications affecting Frinton-on-Sea are reviewed by the FRA Planning Team.

d. Health Issues
The Residents' Association has been involved in discussions regarding an additional surgery to be located in Elm Tree Avenue, but in the current economic climate, it is unlikely that this will be materialise in the near future. The Association continues to pursue the issue that the nearest Cardiac Unit is based in Basildon and now we have the added controversy with the reduction in the number of ambulances serving our area. The Chairman of the NE Essex Clinical Commissioning Group attended our public meetings on 20 October 2012 and 20 April 2013 where these subjects were raised, and representatives of the Ambulance Service provided presentations at our public meetings on 20 April 2013 and 16 November 2013. In addition, after it was reported that problems were being experienced at Colchester Hospital, the Medical Director spoke at our public meeting on 16 November 2013. Full reports on all these discussions are available on the Events page.

We have also been working with Caradoc Surgery to set up a local Patient Participation Group which is now up and running. Anyone interested in joining this group can obtain forms from the surgery. An update on PPG activities now appears in each issue of the FRA newsletter, now named 'The Frinton Resident'.

e. Bus Routes
In response to a request from a member, the Residents' Association has been corresponding with First Eastern Counties Buses Limited in an effort to persuade them to extend the No 8 Bus Route into Frinton Town Centre. The FRA have also been having discussions with ECC regarding whether this extension to the route could be subsidised. However, in the light of budget cuts, it is unlikely that ECC will subsidise a bus route into Frinton Town Centre and First have not indicated that they are prepared to do so.

However, we do now have a revised No 13 bus route run by Horizon that we hope is meeting needs. We would stress that people need to use the nos 9, 13 and 14 bus services otherwise there is the danger that they will be removed.

f. Gravestones in Kirby Cemetery
Again in response to a request from a member, representatives of the Residents' Association have had discussions with the District Council with regard to alternatives to the ugly straps and stakes that have been used to support old gravestones. However, for the same reason as given above, we do not believe any further action will be taken by TDC with regard to the gravestones in Kirby Cemetery.

g. Libraries
Luckily, we are not going to lose our local library, but the opening hours have been cut from 48 hours a week to 35 hours a week. The Frinton Library in Old Road is now open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm. It is closed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

h. Frinton & Walton Swimming Pool
The refurbishment of this pool was completed in 2016, and we hope that there will no future issues.

i. High Speed Broadband
Frinton was successful in achieving the required percentage of votes in the BT 'Race to Infinity' initiative to enable HighSpeed Broadband to be installed in the area. In fact, this achievement was reported in the Wall Street Journal.

As a result, BT have been increasing the Broadband speed since June 2011, and residents have been approached by BT with regard to upgrading their internet connections. To check your line speed, access the website ( and enter your postcode.

j. Local Listings of Houses of Architectural Importance
Local organisations were represented at a half-day workshop in March 2011. This was arranged by the Heritage & Conservation Manager at Tendring District Council, and provided an opportunity for further discussion on the feasibility of this proposal. However, no further developments have been reported.

k. Frinton Ward to become a Conservation Area
The Committee of the Association believe that it is now more important than ever to protect Frinton.

Residing in a Conservation Area will not cause significant hardship to homeowners; in fact just the opposite could be the case. It will only mean that planning permission will be required before improvements can be made, and these will only be refused if they are not in keeping with the area. As a result, the value of homes will increase rather than run the risk of decreasing if an ugly extension was built overlooking the property.

Local decisions need to be in the hands of local people in order to preserve and enhance Frinton, and that is why residents should say 'Yes' to Frinton Ward becoming a Conservation Area.

We are always happy to receive communications from Residents, whether it is to give us good news or to express your concerns on local issues. We would also like to hear from you regarding national issues as we have the opportunity to air our views on such matters via our membership of the National Organisation of Residents' Associations. Therefore, do please email us.